Goodwill’s Reinvention Convention Official Rules

  1.  Only registered artists can participate in the Reinvention Convention and must have a valid email address. Registration time frame, November 1, 2012 – January 18, 2013.
  2. Artists may register as one of the following entities/categories: individual (over 18), future adults (under 18), or collective (group of any kind). To participate, you may be a professional artist or singular creative person of any age. Collective entries must name one person on their group’s registration form who will be the point of contact for the group’s project for the Reinvention Convention. All other contributing members of the group will also be listed on the group’s registration form.
  3. Only registered artists can produce finished products for the Reinvention Convention. At time of registration and after paying the $20 registration fee, artists receive a copy of their registration form, Goodwill Bucks, Vote Envelope and welcome materials.
  4. Only items obtained between November 1, 2012 and February 1, 2013 through contest registration may be entered for the Reinvention Convention. 
  5. Artists may register at the Traverse City Goodwill Office (South Airport Road), Pure Essence Salon or McMillen’s Custom Framing and may only redeem their Goodwill Bucks at the Traverse City Goodwill Retail Store. 
  6. At time of registration, artists receive Goodwill Bucks (6) $5.00 vouchers that can be used in the store at any point between November 1, 2012 and February 1, 2013. Artists are not limited to spending only the money they receive when they register but agree to personally pay any additional cost beyond the $30 provided in Goodwill Bucks. Goodwill will not reimburse artists for items purchased above the $30 in Goodwill Bucks.
  7. Included with the artist’s registration fee is ONE complimentary admission for the artist to attend the opening night Gala Event.  Additional tickets to the opening night Gala Event can be purchased for $30.
  8. Goodwill Bucks may not be used to purchase white tagged and/or food items.
  9. All artists must agree with and follow all contest rules in order to participate and be eligible for contest entry and prizes.  Entries can be disqualified if registered artist does not comply with any of the contest rules as determined by the Reinvention Convention Committee.
  10. Artist agrees to digitally photograph the item at time of purchase.  If Goodwill Bucks are used during regular business hours (M-F, 9-5), photograph can be taken by the Shopgoodwill staff (located at the Traverse City Goodwill Retail Store) who will submit the “before” photo of the item to Reinvention Convention committee members. Artist states photographic preference on registration.
  11. If artist uses the Goodwill Bucks after normal business hours, he/she agrees to digitally photograph the item as it appeared in the store and send a .JPEG image to committee members independently within 3 days of purchase, BEFORE altering it in ANY WAY. Email your photo to: ReinventionConvention@goodwillnmi.org
  12. All artists must wait for a confirmation email from a Reinvention Convention committee member before starting the “reinvention” process.  The “before” photo of your item must be received by the committee before altering it from its in-store appearance.
  13. Once artists receive a confirmation email from the Reinvention Convention Committee, they may begin altering their items from the Goodwill Retail store.
  14. All artists are required to answer an 8 question email interview regarding you as an artist and your finished piece as soon as possible and no later than February 1, even if you still need some more time to work on it.
  15.  Official start date for Reinvention Convention is November 1, 2012.  Official end date to purchase items with Goodwill Bucks is February 1, 2013.  Goodwill Bucks may be used anytime between November 1, 2012 and February 1, 2013.
  16. Goodwill will not provide any other creative materials.  Artists agree to use their own time, talent, and creative materials to produce the finished product for the Reinvention Convention.
  17. Goodwill Bucks may not be redeemed for cash or put toward the purchase of any item(s) other than those intended for use in the Reinvention Convention.
  18. Finished product must clearly and primarily represent the item(s) purchased with artist’s Goodwill Bucks from the Goodwill Retail store (as a numerical reference, article (s) purchased with Goodwill Bucks should comprise 60% or more of finished product).
  19. Artists agree to bring their completed art work to the event site on Wednesday, February 27, 2013 between 9am-7pm.
  20. All entries in the Reinvention Convention become property of Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan.
  21. All proceeds from the sales of the entries go directly to Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan. Artists will not be financially compensated by Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan in any way for their work or contributions to this event.
  22. All proceeds raised through Votes will be designated to the artist’s Goodwill program of choice.  If a program is not selected, monies raised will automatically go to Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan’s General Fund. 
  23. The Vote Envelope with money must be turned in the night of the Gala Event on March 1 to be counted and presented to all in attendance.
  24. Should artists use the Goodwill Bucks and not submit an entry for the contest, Goodwill Industries of Northern Michigan reserves the right to ask the artist to reimburse the store for the value of the item(s) within 2 weeks of the gallery event.
  25. One grand prize will be given: a $500 Downtown Traverse City gift certificate. Grand prize winner will be determined by most votes raised from artist and popular vote of all who attend the Reinvention Convention.  There will also be a second and third prize winner for most votes raised.  Top prize winners will be advertised on the Goodwill website and Facebook page.
  26. Once the Goodwill Bucks have been used, artist can not be reimbursed the registration fee if one decides not to participate any more.

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